When Is The Right Time to Quit?

“It’s ALWAYS too soon to quit”.

I read that phrase the other day during my morning devotional time,  and it has stuck with me ever since.  It has led me to thinking: WHY do we quit?
  • We quit when we feel discouraged.

  • We quit when we feel like failures.

  • We quit when we can’t see HOW on earth we’re going to reach our goals… there’s just too much standing in the way.

Dreams are funny things.  A dream isn’t a dream if it’s easily attainable.  By definition, a dream is a high and lofty thing.  It takes effort and vision and work and sweat and yes, a little bit of blessing, for dreams to become reality.  We have to reach outside of ourselves to pursue our dreams.  We have to stretch beyond our current capacity, capability, expertise and experience, if we want to see our dreams fulfilled.
In other words, pursuing our dreams is going to take us way outside of our comfort zone.
And there’s no place like that place outside of our comfort zone, to make us feel like it’s time to quit.

But don’t quit.  It’s too soon.

If you feel discouraged: Go seek out some good encouragement.

Read about someone who persisted and beat the odds. Find someone to pray with and for you. Take some personal time and go get a good workout.  Or a change of scenery.  Or some rest.  When we’re really tired we fall prey to being discouraged. Go to bed and see if the situation won’t look a little different in the morning.

If you feel like a failure… Well, you’re still alive, yes?

The last word of your story hasn’t been written yet.  So what if you’ve tried several things and none of them have ‘succeeded’? Maybe you just need a little bit of guidance to try things differently.

But as long as you’re trying, until you’ve given up, you’re not a failure.

Can’t see how you’re gonna make it to your goal?  So what else is new?

When in your life have you ever known exactly what was going to happen in the future? When last were you able to control every single thing that happens to you?  Guess what: you can’t see everything, you can’t control everything.  But one thing you can know for certain: if you give up, you DEFINITELY won’t make it to your goal.
But if you keep trying, persistently, stubbornly, to reach for that dream, there is a strong possibility that you’ll get there… and some of the things that happen to help you get there, you’re gonna look back and wonder WHERE did those unexpected blessings come from?
Don’t quit my friend. Retreat, refresh, re-calibrate, recover, rest, rejuvenate…

But don’t quit.  It’s way too soon.

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