Rotisserie Adventures

George Foreman RotisserieRecently a friend of ours gifted us with a George Foreman rotisserie oven.  It is now second only to our coffeemaker as the most-used appliance in our kitchen.  Between the GF Rotisserie and the GF grill, I’m really beginning to like this George Foreman guy.
ANYWAY: hubby and I have discovered that we can get the MOST delicious food using the rotisserie!  We’ve rotisseried CHICKEN.  We’ve rotisseried PORK.  And, on my husband’s insistence, we’ve rotisseried SALMON.  Yes, we cooked salmon in the rotisserie.  Once with a Caribbean Jerk marinade, the second time with a jerk rub (see a pattern?)  And EVERYTHING has been INSANELY delicious.
Not to mention healthy.  Read my lips: NO. ADDED. FAT.  We just season our meat, toss it in the rotisserie, and watch it turn over and over and brown beautifully and fill our little apartment with a gorgeous restaurant-worthy aroma.
Speaking of restaurants, we may never need to go to another one, except when we really just don’t want to wash our own dishes.
So next on our list of things to cook in the rotisserie is: FRIES.  Since the hubby believes that fries comprise a primary food group, we may as well find a way to prepare HEALTHY fries.  Yeah, we could do that in the regular oven, but…why?  We’ve got a ROTISSERIE oven!

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