Off the Wagon… and Back Again

So the other day I caved in to the beast and bought a POWERFUL CHEMICAL to clean the grout in my bathtub.
So I spritzed and sprayed and left it to sit there for a while.  When I started to try to clean the tub, I nearly died.  The fumes nearly overwhelmed me.  It was such a powerful chemical smell.  And the results weren’t as magical as they promised.  I may as well have used some baking soda, tea tree, vinegar and good ol’ elbow grease.
It’s amazing: now that I’m using everyday kitchen ingredients and essential oils to do most of my housecleaning tasks, I’ve gotten very sensitive to harsh chemical smells.
So… it’s back to strong and gentle.  Baking soda and vinegar with a little lemon and tea tree essential oils do a GREAT job in my kitchen and bathrooms… and leaves a wonderfully fresh scent.
I’m back on the wagon.

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