Let’s Get Organized! Irie Vibez 02-2013

(or, “Let’s Stop Running Around Like Chickens Without Heads Leaving Behind Lots of Unfinished Tasks!”)

My BIGGEST Challenge

As a handmade soaps & cosmetics entrepreneur, and as someone who is NOT naturally gifted with multi-tasking, one of my biggest challenges is BALANCE.

Nowadays I always have tons of stuff to do and only just enough time – and energy, it seems – to do it.  If I don’t plan, things don’t get done.  If I do plan, sometimes things still don’t get done because… well, life happens.  And I don’t even have kids!

Am I describing your life too… one long list of To-Dos that may or may not get checked off depending on how the day goes?

If you read January’s newsletter, you’ll remember our pledge: in 2013, we’re going to change our lives by creating strategies, setting goals, and taking action… reassessing and adjusting along the way.

Well, here’s a strategy we can all implement, so that we can reach our goals this year:

Let’s Get Organized!

  • Every month, every week, every day, let’s organize the things we need to do, arranging them in order of priority.
  • We’ll review our lists daily, weekly and monthly.  We’ll take action.
  • Then as each thing gets done, we’ll check that to-do item off the list!  That’s the fun part – checking that ‘done’ box.
  • And, for those things that couldn’t get done, we’ll re-assign it to another definite day and time.

Let’s implement this strategy with technology!

The technology could be paper and pen; but it’s so much more fun these days to get organized using free, fun tech tools available at our fingertips… on our computers, tablets, smartphones.

I’ll give you a heads up about some of these available apps.  I use some of them, others come highly recommended.  Try at least one!  It won’t hurt and it won’t cause your device to explode!

If you find yourself resisting the thought of making lists or learning to use technology, repeat after me:

“If I want to achieve new results this year, I’m going to have to start doing some new things.”