Let’s Get Caught Up! Irie Vibez 03-04-2013


My FAVORITE Tools to Get & Stay Organized

OK, so in February I promised I would share with you the apps I use to help keep my life organized… Well, to keep my life LESS insane than it would be if I weren’t USING these apps.

Please note the word ‘USING’. These apps don’t help if you don’t actually USE them!

I have my MOST productive days when I take the time to PLAN how I’m gonna use the day, then actually FOLLOW the plan. If life interrupts – which it often does – then I ADJUST, RE-SCHEDULE, RE-PRIORITIZE, and pick up the next day.

My LEAST productive days are when I keep all my to-do lists in my head then spin around like a gig starting tasks, leaving them unfinished, then ending the day in a whirl of confusion at worst or vague dissatisfaction at best.

So Here Are My Favorite Organization/Productivity Apps I Use Everyday

  • Any.Do

    This is a neat & handy app that manages all your to-do’s simply and EASILY. You can create to-do items, edit them, organize them using folders for categories. You can assign a priority level and a deadline date. You can even share an item on your list with a friend/colleague/whoever. And you can mark your task ‘complete’ by swiping your finger across the task… or just shaking your phone (WAYYY COOL!). I’ve downloaded it on my iPad and on my Android smartphone. I also have the browser add-on installed on Chrome. That way my tasks are all synched across ALL my platforms so my tasks stay updated and I can get reminders/alerts wherever I am.

  • Evernote

    This has become my personalized research library! I make all kinds of notes – lectures, meetings, lists, snippets of information – text, multimedia, anything – I find on the web – and keep them organized in folders and with tags. I can make notes by typing, or tapping, or speaking into my device microphone, ‘clipping’ on the internet, and even by emailing a document or a webpage to my Evernote email address. I can also share your notes with other people too. Another WAYYYY cool and efficient app, and they’re updating it all the time.

  • Trello

    This has got to be THE simplest and most intuitive project management system EVER. It’s based on the concept of whiteboards, lists, and index cards. A ‘Board’ can be a project, a meeting, a process, a department… anything you decide. Each board comes with 3 lists: To Do, Doing, and Done. You can add more lists as you need. Every item on a list is a CARD – kinda like an index card. You use the cards to keep track of your projects. You can assign team members to the cards, and add all sorts of details: task descriptions, checklists, comments, questions; you can have your team members vote on ideas; you can attach files and include links. Then, best of all, you can move any card from list to list. For example: if you created a card called ‘Buy Groceries’ on your ‘April 8 To-Do’ list, you can add a list of groceries to the ‘back’ of the card, move it to ‘Doing’ and check off each item as you’re shopping, then move it to the ‘Done’ list when your grocery shopping is done!


Try any or all of these tools and see how they work for you! Let me know what you think… and if you have any productivity tools you’re using, shoot me an email or hit me up on Facebook and tell me about it!