About Us

WHY Irie Essentialz?

It all started with Nicolé’s search for a maintenance product for her locks. As she researched on the internet, she happened upon information about using all-natural essential oils and other plant oils for hair and skin care. She created a very simple blend for herself and began to use it on her hair and scalp. Almost immediately she noticed small improvements in her hair – it was looking and feeling less dry and had a bit more luster.

That turned her on to the use of plant oils and extracts in personal care.  The current product line features soaps – crafted from detergent-free glycerin soap base with goats milk, customized with naturally fragrant essential oils and luxurious natural oils and extracts.

Irie Essentialz our way of sharing the simple, natural luxuries that come from the earth – to you.


Irie Essentialz Founders & Owners

WHO is Irie Essentialz?  

Irie Essentialz is a family-owned and run business.  Nicolé  – the Wife – focuses on dreaming up new Irie Essentialz products, as well as managing Irie Essentialz online presence via the website and social media.  Constantine (AKA “Junior”) – the Husband – handles the business of Irie Essentialz – and he’s also a MEAN product photographer and photo editor!


WHAT is Irie Essentialz?


At Irie Essentialz, we formulate and create natural, handmade soaps and cosmetics.

Our focus is on using plant oils (eg coconut oil, apricot kernel oil), essential oils, clays and herbs as the main ingredients in our products.  Why?  Because we’ve come to believe that our hair, skin and body benefit when we harvest the power of nature in our personal care products and use as few artificial substances as possible.

We craft our products in small batches.  Why?  Because that allows us to pay attention to detail and deliver to you beautiful, one-of-a-kind personal care items that are high in quality.  When you hold one of our soaps in your hand, you’re holding a labor of love delivered from us to you.  And guess what?  At home, we use every product we sell.  We’re not ashamed to say it… We love our products!


WHERE is Irie Essentialz?

Irie Essentialz LLC is based in Florida, USA.