3 Steps To Fulfilling Your Dreams – Irie Vibez 01-2013

(or, “Get your butt off that couch!”)

 It’s the beginning of a brand new year…

…and as usual, I’m drawn towards reflection and introspection and making lists of all the things I’m definitely going to Change. This. Year.

Except that this time around, I’m inviting you to join me in a personal revolution.  Let’s do something different this year.  Instead of making resolutions, let’s CREATE STRATEGIES.  Let’s SET GOALS.  And let’s ASSESS our PROGRESS.

I have dreams for my life that necessitate a fundamental mind shift.  I have to stop thinking like an employee.  I must begin to think like a business owner.  The CEO of Nicolé Inc.  If I don’t make that mind shift, those dreams are going to remain as dreams, and 2013 will end up looking… not a heck of a lot different than 2012.

I know you’ve got dreams too – dreams for your family, career, business, income, spiritual growth, making an impact on your corner of the world.  Are you on your way yet?  If you aren’t, how will you make the mind shift to become the CEO of You, Inc.?


How will strategizing, goal-setting, and periodic assessment, change your life?

The same way those things are changing my life: they’re kicking my butt off the couch, out of the dream world in my head, out of my safe zone, and giving me a clear path to transforming those dreams into reality.  Let’s break it down with a few simple examples:

  • Making lists of things I need to accomplish each day helps me to multi-task effectively – and anyone who knows me knows I’m NOT a natural multi-tasker!
  • Brainstorming and writing down strategies and goals helps me maintain a clear sense of direction as I go through each day.
  • Evaluating and assessing gives me power – power to stay on track when things are going right, power to adjust, correct, change direction if things are going wrong.

Will you try these three steps with me?

Daily, weekly, monthly, for the entire year – let’s strategize and write action plans; let’s take action and check off those list items; let’s stop from time to time to re-assess, adjust as needed, then move forward again.

I’m praying that your 2013 will be a year of much blessing as you take steps to fulfill your purpose, one day at a time.  Happy New Year!

 “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” (Robert J. Collier).